Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS – 52 Review!

by Dimas Adiputra
Last Update: 18 May 2018 08:15:39
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“In the next episode, we will see Soulburner win against Go Onizuka. After that, he will say something wise to Go Onizuka. Then, Soulburner will join the exploration of Link VRAINS restricted area with Playmaker once again” is my prediction on VRAINS 52. However, it turns out to be more than that. This week episode is full of romance, loyalty, and duel tips.

Do you know the name of Zaizen’s assistant? Because I do not know her name hahaha. So this woman afraid that Go Onizuka would lose to Soulburner in the duel. Then, she used her tab to shoot a beam to Soulburner. The first time, Soulburner could dodge the beam then he blamed Go Onizuka for using such a cheap tricks like shooting a beam. Of course Go Onizuka denied the accussation. After that, Soulburner was unable to dodge the second one, however Go Onizuka protected him and stood strong after hit by such a beam (wow). Zaizen saw the beam in the monitor and he did not like it. He scold his assistant and said “Do not disturb duelist who play each other with heart”. Looks like the scolding session was not finished just like that as Zaizen ask his assistant to meet him in the office after this finish.

The duel was continued with Soulburner doing the mighty “reincarnation link summon”! Go Onizuka had not see the summon method previously, so it was natural that he was surprised. Heatlio was summoned once again using the first Heatlio as the link material. Heatlio’s effect change the attack of T-Wrestle to be the same as Salamangreat Meer. Soulburner want to finish the duel as soon as possible. Salamangreat Heatlio and Jack Jaguar could deal damage more than enough. However, the Dynawrestler’s field only allows one monster to attack. In addition, only the lowest attack positionn monster opponent’s control has to perform an attack on T-Wrestle. The damage became minimum and Go Onizuka had yet to see another turn. As expected from ex-charismatic duelist Go Onizuka.

There are several tips in dueling and my favorite is “Attacking the opposing ace monster with our ace monster to create a highlight. This way, the duel might become more interesting to the spectators in exchange of delaying our win. However, the recent Go Onizuka really wanted to win. He casted aside the way of dueling that entertains the spectator to a more efficient way of dueling. T-wrestle attack the Jack Jaguar instead of Heatlio. The damage from this battle might be enough to end the duel. Soulburner then activates a trap card that allows him to change Heatlio attack to zero to heal his life point by the same amount. Jack Jaguar was destroyed, but Soulburner LP had not been yet depleted. If only Go Onizuka attacks the Heatlio like his past self will do, Soulburner will not have big monster for his following turn.

Stay strong! Soulburner started his turn and said that he had a reason why he could not lose. Back then, post the lost incident, Soulburner hate the duel monster. He hate it because the duel was the reason that his parent died searching for him during the Lost incident. He ditched the school during the Hanoi incident. Seeing that there were duelists, Link VRAINS hero who fought the Hanoi who is the master of Lost Incident, Soulburner became obsessed with dueling once again. He left his hometown to duel for other like the Link VRAINS heroes (Playmaker, Blue Angel, Go Onizuka).

Oh btw, Soulburner got girlfriend from his previous school and he cannot forget the past about it. [Ok, this is just a made up story lol].

I still do not understand why the Lost incident’s survivor said that their time stopped during the incident. Maybe because they can only duel every moment during the incident. Anyway, “To make time move again” is their motivation of dueling. It was a bit funny because they still do dueling like last time during the incident. However, one can say that doing something that you do not want to do is the same as your time is not move. When you do what you want, then your time move once again.

Shortly, Soulburner win the duel. I am too lazy to tell you how Soulburner won the duel [sorry!]. Go Onizuka gave Soulburner an advices that Soulburner cannot judging his way of life just like that. Soulburner should beware that losing will reveal one’s true self. Until then, Soulburner might not understand why Go Onizuka become the bounty hunter.

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Playmaker continue the exploration to the deepest part of the Link VRAINS restricted area. The road was not an easy one although it was just a wind blowing from bellow. Then, the other bounty hunter showed himself. Playmaker vs Blood Sepherd next week!!