Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS – 50 Review!

by Dimas Adiputra
Last Update: 5 May 2018 09:43:22
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Hello folks! We do not have any duel in VRAINS 50. However, the mystery from the last 2 episodes starts revealing themselves. So what are those actually? We will try to talk about it one by one in order.

First, the “Who am I?” guy’s name from episode 47 is Bohman. He is just a random people who got his memories being overwritten with new memories everytime he got an order. The NCWO guy identity is still unknown. Moreover, we got new antagonist who is the boss that has the ability to overwrite Bohman’s memory. After NCWO guys and Bohman cross the Link VRAINS restricted area, they meet their boss. The boss asked for Jin Kusanagi’s data (the consciousness) from Bohman. Bohman gave it by puking the data (ya, he puke it, not hand it to the boss). Then, as an exchange he asked the boss to return his memories. However, since the boss got the ability, he overwrite Bohman memory again. What a convenient ability! I also want something like that to overwrite crush’s memory (LOL, JK).

Second, roboppi is getting smarter now. Now she can explain her feelings toward Ai like a high school student. I do not know any logical explanation about robot become smarter and can have emotion like that. We can understand that Ai is an unusual AI that has emotion and independent like human. However, to change a robot without emotion become one with emotion is somthing like impossible task. Well, we might not know the way to give emotion to a robot. But, sure AI does know about it XD.

Third, Soulburner’s real name is Takeru Homura. He comes to the school and approaches Playmaker from behind. At first, I got the picture that Soulburner is an eccentric guy that easy to socialize. However, the real world Soulburner is a shy guy hahahaha. He stalked Playmaker from behind. But, when Playmaker take a glance back, he hide himself very fast. At the end, they met eat other, introduce themselves, and got some discussion. Several things are discussed such as the true identity of Soulburner. Soulburner got the flame Ignis: Flame which was programmed based on Soulburner (same cases as Ai was programmed based on Playmaker). Therefore, Soulburner was also the victim of the lost experiment by Hanoi. However, the Hanoi is gone know. So, the current enemy is not someone related to Hanoi. The discussion becomes more confidential as they move to merry-go round to continue the discussions.

Ai asked the Flame about the destruction of the Cyverse World. The Cyverse World has been threaten by the Hanoi in the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. However, at that time Ai succeed to hide the Cyverse World using protection code made by Ai himself. After that time, Flame and the remaining Ignis have discussion about humanity might become the enemy of AI like the Ignis. However, the discussion never comes to an end. Then, the Cyverse World got attacked by the new enemy. This enemy is not the Hanoi because the destruction happened at the same time when the tower of Hanoi was built. At the end, the Ignis had to escape the Cyverse World. After escaping, each Ignis try to find their partner (the human which become the basic data to create themselves). 

Now, Flame’s mission is to find the other Ignis with Soulburner. He asked Ai to help also, consequently Playmaker too. Playmaker half-refuse the request as his priority now is to retrieve Jin Kusanagi’s consciousness. Flame explained that it is the same goal as his since the enemy is the same: a group of people that use link-spell judgment arrows. Therefore, they joined force to track the NCWO guy and Bohman whereabout to get more clue about the enemy who had destroy the Cyverse World and took Jin Kusanagi’s consciousness. (PS: I rechecked the audio carefully when I read Yusei word in the subtitle. Relax guys, Ai said Yusaku, not Yusei :v)

Fourth, the Bounty hunter has been assembled. To person was hired by SOL technology. One is Go Onizuka and the second one is Blood Sepherd. Both of them really a different type or person and hard to work together. At the end, they will do things their own way to capture the Playmaker.

Kusanagi search at the internet any kind of information that might have relations with the NCWO guy and Bohman. We know that they had escaped into the Link VRAINS’s restricted area. Due to that, there is a possibility that the new enemy is the SOL technology. On the other hand, Kusanagi also got some program and clue about the Link VRAINS’s restricted area from Ghost girl. For your information, the previous scene before this one is Blue Angel and Ghost Girl got called by Zaizen. So it is possible that the information about the restricted area comes from the SOL technology itself. It might be a trap (remember that SOL technology hires bounty hunter for Playmaker’s head) and might be dangerous trip to go there.

Ai is really against the plan to go to the restricted area based on the clue and program from Ghost Girl. However, Playmaker explained his point that the trip must be done to reveal the mystery of the new enemy, the other Ignis whereabout, as well as to take back Jin Kusanagi’s consciousness. Vote is conducted and only Ai against the trip (LOL, poor Ai).

Finally, Playmaker and Soulburner enter the restricted area via the clue from Ghost Girl. They avoid the security camera quiet easily, however, they cannot avoid the bounty hunter: Go Onizuka! Stay tune on Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS as next week seems we will have a multi-player duel mode. Playmaker and Soulburner pair might emerge as the winner, but how they do that? See you next week! :D