Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS – 49 Review!

by Dimas Adiputra
Last Update: 27 April 2018 07:12:43
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This week we should have a 2 WS 1 duel which is Bit and Boot VS Soulburner. Just after the new protagonist asked Bit and Boot to duel him simultaneously as in 2 VS 1, Bit and Boot was combined into BitBoot instead like a digi xros (-_-). Bit . . . . . Boot . . . . . . Digi XROS!! BitBoot! Oh well, it will be easier to duel 1 person instead of 2 persons simultaneously.

The duel start with BitBoot activate their skill to activate the link-spell, judgment arrows. (yes, they are two persons so I have to use plural subject). Not only that, Bitboot also summon a Cyverse-type monster. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, the Cyverse-type monster is a special type which impossible to be possessed by some random people, but BitBoot used Cyverse-type monster. Moreover, they also got the link-spell card. Flame, the fire ignis said that he cannot forget that the one who attacked and destroyed the Cyverse world is people with Cyverse-type monster and link-spell judgment arrows. Soulburner said that if he defeat BitBoot, he may get an information. Flame already know the destruction of Cyverser world, so what is the other informations that they may get by defeating BitBoot? One can assume that the information is about the reason of Cyverse world destruction which is still in vague.

I personally do not want to talk about BitBoot’s deck since it was just a burn and beatdown deck utilizing the ability of their link-monster to move from one monster zone to another monster zone which the link-monster point to (Ok, you got me). However, the fire-attribute Cyverse-type Salamangreat used by Soulburner is quiet interesting. The deck revolving around discarding card and revive the card from the graveyard. The archetype also takes shrine animal which make it sounds like a legend archetype (y). Anyway, at the beginning of the duel BitBoot summon a link-monster and deal damage to Soulburner using a combo of the link-monster and link-spell judgment arrows. The next turn, Soulburner summon link-3 monster Salamangreat Heatlio. Heatlio’s effect returns judgment arrows back to the deck and then it destroys BitBoot’s link monster. BitBoot was in a pinched.

However, on next turn, BitBoot do some cheating. They activate the same skill to activate judgment arrows from the deck once again. Soulburner was shocked since the skill can only be activated once per duel. Bitboot explained that they are two persons so they can activate their skill two times in a duel. Ok that reasoning can be accepted.

With that said, the table has been turned. Soulburner was in a pinched now. He then top deck-ed monster reincarnation and smile. I also smile when seeing this scene as I shout “A staple!” inside my head lol. Bitboot activate some card effect which prohibit Soulburner to use all his card on the field and hand. Soulburner should just lost now. However, he activated his skill, burning draw! Burning draw allowed Soulburner to decrease his LP to 100 and draw cards for each decreased 1000 LP. Bitboot card effect’s only affected the current card Soulburner have, so the new card he drew was no affected by it. 

He drew a field spell card Salamangreat Sanctuary. It’s effect allows Soulburner to link-summon a monster using a monster with the same name. He called it as “reincarnation link-summon” and the duel spectator was questioned about it. Heatlio was used as link material to summon another Heatlio from the extra deck. New Heatlio’s effect return the judgment arrows once again. Judgment arrows effect would like to destroy BitBoot monster. Bitboot dodge the bad effect of judgment arrow and their 2400 monster still there to defend themselves. Heatlio attack is 2300 only and it is impossible to pass the 2400 monster. However, Heatlio got additional effect since it was being reincarnation link summoned! Heatlio’s additional effect change BitBoot monster’s attack into 800 and then the duel was finished just like that.

Bitboot was defeated and Soulburner catched up to Playmaker. Playmaker was chasing the villain guy from last week who I called as “Who am I guy?” and NCWO. The villain went into restricted territory then the security of Link VRAINS was activated declaring emergency situation. The current situation was not good and still full of questioned such as “who are they actually?”, “what is their goal?”, “why they destroy Cyverse world?”, etc. Soulburner was logged out due to the emergency situation and left Playmaker confused as he mutter “Soulburner. . . .”.