Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS – 48 Review!

by Dimas Adiputra
Last Update: 20 April 2018 10:10:37
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Emergency! Flow Hydradrive’s direct attack is enough to kill Playmaker!

However, Linkuriboh saved the day (remember last week we are debating whether will Playmaker use Linkuriboh’s effect or not). Ai shows his gratitude to Linkuriboh by saying something like “I always knew you can do something”. Please, you can read the card text, ok? :v

Unknown’s turn is end and Playmaker is still in the game. From the last episode, we know that Unknown is using the most advance card in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the link-spell like whut?! However, Playmaker chooses to go old school instead. The debut of ritual summon in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS!! Playmaker ritual summons Cyverse Magician by using cyverse wizard and defcon bird. The ritual summon surprises unknown and one new character who observe the duel from afar (NCWO). From here, we can expect the other summon method (read: synchro, xyz, pendulum) will make it’s debut also in the VRAINS series (yey!).

The table has been turned with the ritual summon and Unknown is made to reveal himself. Unknown is “Who am I?” guy. The guy explains that he does not remember anything even his own identity. Then, the NCWO calls the “Who am I?” guy via some communication device as older brother. He told the “Who am I?” guy to not waste the time to beat Playmaker and retrieve his Ignis. It is very silly that the NCWO uses his own brother for some purposes even erasing the memory, like seriously? However, the exact relation between them is still unknown. It might be older brother in a gangs like Yakuza.

The duel is continued. The “Who am I?” guy summon different attribute hydradrive link monster, then perform another direct attack with 2000 attack Coolang Hydradrive. Playmaker save himself by using Cyverse Magician’s effect to half the damage he took. Before ending his turn, The “Who am I?” guy set up his board to block Playmaker’s attack on next turn such as only one monster can attack. The condition is very strict now. Witht the help from Ai to create data storm, it’s time to activate Playmaker’s skill, Storm Access!!

Inside the data storm, Playmakers obtained the new code-monster: Shootingcode talker. The effect is very suitable for current strict condition. Shootingcode talker gains additional attack for each monster in its link marker. There are Cyverse Magician and Witch on Shootingcode Talker’s link marker which means that it can attack up to three times! Shootingcode finish the duel by annihilates “Who am I?” guy’s monsters and LP.

Now, it is Ai’s turn to extract data from the “Who am I?” guy includes the consciousness of Kusanagi’s brother. The NCWO prepare some anti-ignis program inside the “Who am I?” guy (Woah, you are going that far to your own brother). Ai feels sick because of the program, then the NCWO flee with “Who am I?” guy. Another new characters, the NCWO ally, Bit and Boot make their first appearance to prevent Playmaker chasing NCWO and “Who am I?” guy. In this timing, Soulburner shows himself and offers help to Playmaker. He will duel Bit and Boot so Playmaker can chase the NCWO and “Who am I?” guy. Who is Soulburner? Why does he also have Ignis (name: Flame)? What is exactly happened with Cyverse World? Only time will tell.

PS: This is Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 48. It can be read as VRAINS 48. But, it does not mean that it is and Idol group :D