Indonesia Regional YOT Thailand 2018

by Dimas Adiputra
Last Update: 22 April 2018 08:49:48
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A total of 23 persons competed at Playtest Games for a chance to go to YOT Thailang 2018!! The deck was very diverse from the meta Brandish Maiden to spyral infernity lock (sasuga Indonesia).

However, the Hornet Bit showed their worth by taking 50% of the top 8 contender

Top 8 Match-up

Adit (Lair Infernoid) VS Tafdlil (Zefra)

Dimas (Shiranui Brandish) VS William Teng (Brandish Diabolos)

Frannick (Brandish Women) VS Gunalan (Mermain Atlantean)

Andika (Brandish Diaobolos) VS Tejo (Kozmo)

Top 4 Match-up

Tafdlil (Zefra) VS William Teng (Brandish Diabolos)

Frannick (Brandish Women) VS Andika (Brandish Diabolos)

Note: Tafdlil won the top 4 with  brilliant OTK by using Borrelsword Dragon

Final Match-up

Tafdlil (Zefra) VS Frannick (Brandish Women) 

After a back and forth of trading resources, the Brandish Women won the match convincingly 2-0. Congratulations to Frannick and good luck at YOTTH 2018!

Here is the decklist of the finalist for your references~

First - Brandish Women

Second - Zefra

See you guys at the next event!

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