Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS – 58, 59, 60 Late Review!

by Dimas Adiputra
Last Update: 21 July 2018 10:20:20
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Admin was very busy this three weeks that he could not do the episode review as always. Sorry for that! So this week the review is not one episode, but three at the same time. It will not be a long one, but I try to put my opinion with some illustration of my choice. Enjoy!

Episode 58

The continuation of the duel between Playmaker and Bohman. The winner took Yusaku Fujiki's body. Bohman did a storm access in master duel. The same skill as Playmaker during speed duel. Playmaker and Ai questioned how is it possible to do the speed duel skill in the master duel. Anw, Bohman summon strong monster which have the ability to negate opponent's monster with the same attribute as his monster. His monster now has three attribute: fire, water, wind. Playmaker was in a pinched as he cannot use water, fire, and wind attribute monster's effect.

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However, , , , , yeah right, figure that it was very hard to explain how Bohman become Playmaker if he win the duel. Cyberse clock dragon save the day being a dark attribute so its effect could not be negated by Bohman's monster. Here is some view on how majestic Cyberse clock dragon.

Playmaker and Soulburner leave the Link VRAINS restricted area and wind world because the world has collapsed for unknown reason.

Episode 59

This episode is a review episode. However, I like how they review the previous episodes by using the reunion of Hanoi. All of them is in healthy condition, but Baira was in the prison. After reviewing the current condition, the Hanoi took their first action which was saving Baira from the prison.

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Now Playmaker and the gangs have to deal with Bounty Hunter, Bohman, and Hanoi. Bounty Hunter wants the Ignis, Hanoi wants the Ignis, and Bohman have relation with Ignis. I guess, its not impossible for them to work together because of the somehow related goals.

Episode 60

Playmaker and Soulburner lost track of Bohman and the gangs because of the collapsed of wind world by Windy. They now can only wait for some gate to the wind world open.

On the other hand, the SOL technology continues their investigation regarding Playmaker and Soulburner. They also aware from the news about Baira escape that Hanoi is on the move once again. There was a discussion about this between Akira, Ghost Girl, and Blue Angel. Akira said it will be hard to identify the real person that we know from Link VRAINS such as Playmaker and Soulburner. 

Blue Angel got different opinion. She believe that we can still feel their presence in the real world somehow. She went to school as always and heard Brave Max talks about Playmaker. She think that Brave Max has strong relation with Playmaker and report this to Ghost Girl for some opinion. Ghost Girl suggest a test to see whether Brave Max is Playmaker's companion or not.

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Things become funny in the duel. Brave max play his card so stupid that Ghost Girl cannot understand the reason Brave Max play so stupid like that. She took some caution because Brave Max face show that he has some plan. The caution was gone when Brave Max said extra deck monster cannot be returned to the hand. Now Ghost Girl and Blue Angel know that Brave Max is just a man of bluff.

Episode 60 is a very refreshing episode as we can relate the newbie situation in our daily duel life.

However, at the end of episode the situation became tense again. Blood Sepherd create a trap to lure Playmaker and Soulburner. Then, Soulburner was caught successfully into the trap by Blood Sepherd. Until next episode!!