Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS – 51 Review!

by Dimas Adiputra
Last Update: 11 May 2018 09:37:45
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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS 50 was ended with Go Onizuka and his team chasing Playmaker and Soulburner at the restricted area of Link VRAINS. It is expected that we will not have other things to review except the duel in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS 51. However, the episode turns out to be more interested than I thought. We will try to look at the interesting parts one by one.

Soulburner is a fans of the Link VRAINS Heroes: Playmaker, Blue Angel, and Go Onizuka. As a fans, he did not like to see his heroes to fight each other. Therefore, he offered to Playmaker that he would be the one who face Go Onizuka (the team has been wiped rather easily due to SOL technology’s trap). Then, Playmaker continued his exploration in Link VRAINS restricted area.

At first, Go Onizuka was not interested to duel Soulburner. But, when Soulburner showed him Flame the fire Ignis, Go Onizuka accepted the duel. Prior to the hunting, Akira Zaizen told Go Onizuka that Playmaker is Lost incident survivor. As the survivor, a duel is about life or death in which this philosophy become the strength of Playmaker. The Ignis indicates that Soulburner is also Lost incident survivor, thus, make Soulburner a worhty opponent for Go Onizuka.

Go Onizuka were no longer used the gouki deck. This might be a sign for Gouki deck fans that there will be no more new support for gouki to be released in the next future (sad react only). Instead, he used Dinowrestler from now on. At the beginning of the duel he activate his skill to activate field spell card of Dinowrestler directly from the deck (wut, can cheat also like Bohman, Bit, and Boot). Soulburner had the chance to deal many damage at his following turn by continously spamming Salamangreat monsters include Heatlio. However, he did not read the field card effect that only allows the opponent to attack with maximum one monsters per turn. Morale of the story, please read your opponent card’s effect if you are not familiar with it :D

Bla bla bla and the scene was changed to the flashback of Go Onizuka (you can see that the color got white aura which indicates a flashback). The reason Go Onizuka happily became SOL technology’s bounty hunter was his hate towards Playmaker. So, after the Hanoi Tower incident, the Link VRAINS heroes were interviewed by media every day. However, the media only ask about Playmaker whereabouts. Go Onizuka did not feel to be the Link VRAINS heroes when the media only asked him about the Playmaker as he mutter “They did not care about me".

Go Onizuka is  a loser who likes to see his opponent suffers from the lose. He feel so happy to win a duel monster in his childhood. He continued to win until he became the charismatic duelist Go Onizuka. However, he never won once againts Playmaker thus become his motivation to be the bounty hunter of SOL technology. To put it simple, he was just a sore loser who felt jealous towards Playmaker’s fame.

That’s why, you have to read your opponent’s card effect before doing something in a duel. Go Onizuka summon a big Dinowrestler link-3 monster which has the ability to seal Soulburner’s spell/trap when attacking. Soulburner’s Heatlio was destroyed and Soulburner was backed into a pinch.

A well said by Soulburner as you can see in the followings pictures :v Soulburner did not like his Link VRAINS heroes become like this: SOL technology bounty hunter, moreover a pathetic jealous man. So, for those of you who has a problem, please do not complain to strangers. Instead of complaining, you should just continue to move forward by facing up your problem. I also do not know how exactly you move forward, but complaining about your problem is not the way to solve the problem.

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There you go, after Soulburner saying those things, Go Onizuka can only end his turn while thinking in silent. In the next episode, we will see Soulburner win against Go Onizuka. After that, he will say something wise to Go Onizuka. Then, Soulburner will join the exploration of Link VRAINS restricted area with Playmaker once again. I hope this prediction is right lol.

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