Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS – 47 Review!

by Dimas Adiputra
Last Update: 13 April 2018 07:18:13
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The first season has finished with Playmaker won the duel against Revolver. Although it was a bit dissapointing that Playmaker ace cards were the Code Link-monsters rather than the Firewall Dragon. Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 47 is the beginning of the new season. New opening song, new character, new story, and of course new cards!

The story starts 3 months after the Hanoi incident. We know that Ai or Ignis or whatever they call it has been released from Playmaker or Yusaku’s duel disk. Ai goes back to the Cyverse World to meet his Ignis family. Like us, Ai anticipates that the Ignis family will celebrate his arrival to the Cyverse World. However, sad scene is waiting for him instead. The Cyverse World has been destroyed. No Ignis, No Cyverse, except our favourite Linkuriboh! Ai asks Linkuriboh what happened in the Cyverse World. However, Linkuriboh can only say kuri-kuri something and Ai can not understand it (LOL).

Meanwhile the Link VRAINS has been reboot-ed since the Hanoi incident. Many improvement has been made in the Link VRAINS such as speed duel is no longer prohibited, new d-board which is easy to ride, and more events! Of course the event ambassador is our Link VRAINS Idol, Blue Angel! She is very cute as always <3. Before MC-ing the event in the Link VRAINS,  Blue Angel or Aoi walks in the real world and meet Playmaker or Yusaku selling hot dog in Kusanagi’s truck. Blue Angel complains that Playmaker’s face is too scary that the buyer might scared of it. Playmaker explains that he is currently selling the hot dog because Kusanagi is away for a private matter. 

Kusanagi visits his brother who was a victim of the Lost Incident. Doctor says that his brother is getting better. Then, strange things happen. An unknown creature appears in front of Kusanagi and his brother. The creature takes Kusanagi brother consciousness and escaped in to the Link VRAINS. Yes, you guess it right. Kusanagi tells Playmaker about the strange things, then Playmaker goes to the Link VRAINS to fullfill Kusanagi request which is to take back his brother consciousness.

The SOL technology assumes that Playmaker still has Ai or Ignis in his duel disk. Thus, they make a bounty for Playmaker’s head. Because of this, I do think it is better for Playmaker to not enter the Link VRAINS for a while. Upon entering the Link VRAINS, a bounty hunter named Blood Sepherd challenge Playmaker to a duel for Ignis. Playmaker denies that he has Ignis. However, Ai shows himself in Playmaker’s duel disk instead!. Ai then creates a data storm (not only Link VRAINS, Ai got improvement also!) to beat Blood Sepherd without dueling. Not only data storm, Ai also brings new Cyverse card for Playmaker. I know that you all want to scream “Hey, I know the cards!”.

Playmaker catches up to the unknown creature soon after that. Then, they do a speed duel with Ai as the bet. Uncomfortable feeling hits Playmaker’s as he realized that the cards used by the unknown creature is Cyverse also! Now this is getting interesting! Ai suspects that the unknown creature might related to the detroyed Cyverse World.


The duel is fun to watch as Playmaker summon our favorite Linkuriboh! However, the duel becomes absurd when the unknown creature activate its skill to activate spell from the deck. Aaannnnd the spell is ........ Link-spell! WTF?!, the spell card also got link marker now. . . .

The episode 47 is then finished when Playmaker is about to lose because the unknown creature can attack him directly. Playmaker still got Linkuriboh on his side and he can just activate it’s effect to nullify the attack of the monster. However, we need to wait one more week to see whether Playmaker will activate Linkuriboh’s effect or not.

See you on next episode!!